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Results of the 2020 Rio Grande Rugby Union AGM Elections, and Other September Brujos News.

A week after the New Mexico Brujos held their own 2020 AGM and club elections, the Rio Grande Rugby Union, of which the NM Brujos are a member, did the same. John Rouff of the Tucson Mag Pies was elected President, Weston Overson of the Prescott Black Sheep was elected the Arizona Vice President, while Daniel Hernandez from the El Paso Scorpions was elected the Rio Grande Vice President. Alexander Davidson with the Tempe Devils will serve as treasurer, and Mark Pekarik of Phoenix Camelback as secretary. The Rio Grande Rugby Union is comprised of teams from New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Congratulations to all the new officers!

Brujos masks are here and going quick!

The brand spanking new NM Brujos masks have arrived! These stylish face coverings are only $15, and won't last long, so order yours now! Support your favorite local rugby team and help keep you and your loved ones safe. The masks come in two different styles, blue with both the jacked Brujos wizard (AKA curlin' Merlin) and the NM Brujos crest, or the subtler all black mask with the NM Brujos crest tucked neatly in the corner (AKA, "the executive"). Visit today and get yours now while they last!

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