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Please Support the NM Brujos' Sponsors, Four Peaks, Rich Ford and others amid Covid-19 shut down

The Governor of New Mexico ordered the closing of non-essential businesses during the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic this week, however, two of the New Mexico Brujos most essential sponsors continue to provide services for their customer during this difficult time. Rich Ford Albuquerque service department is here to help you in these trying times. Taking extra precautions to make sure you are safe. Right now, buy one “The WORKS!” package, get two FREE! Call today! 505-292-0000

In addition, vehicle sale remain available online.

Or for more info, visit their Facebook page here:

The Brujos other newest sponsor that remains available (and more necessary than ever) is Four Peaks Brewing. A wide selection of their many varieties of beer including the famous Kilt Lifer, Hop Knot, Golden Ale and many more are available all around Albuquerque and New Mexico, check to find them at a location near you.

In addition, for customers in the Arizona area, their food and beer is available to go at their pub locations, and they are even delivering beer in some local Arizona markets.

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

One of the Brujos oldest and most loyal sponsors The Monte Vista Fire Station Restaurant and Bar is unfortunately closed during the temporary state-wide shut down, but they remain as important to our team as ever and will need your support when it's over. Located in a historic former fire station in the Nob Hill neighborhood of Albuquerque, Vista as it's lovingly called by its patrons has been an ABQ institution longer than most Brujos have been alive. Rib night will return!

Lastly, another one of the Brujos newest sponsors, Excel Cryotherapy is also closed during this time, but when it reopens the Brujos enjoy the benefits of excel cryotherapy after every hard won match. In addition, any NMYR players that care to try this amazing remedy that reduces pain and inflammation and promotes muscle recovery will receive 10% off their first visit when they mention Brujos rugby.

The Brujos truly couldn't play a minute without the continued support of their generous sponsors, so if you support and enjoy NM Brujos Rugby please support and enjoy their sponsors during this time and all year long.

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