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Brujos fall to speedy Scorpions 38-22

It was the the classic match up, speed vs strength. On a perfect Autumn Saturday afternoon in Albuquerque, the New Mexico Brujos looked dominant up the middle for the majority of the match. Unfortunately for them, the El Paso Scorpions looked just as dominant on the sides and took advantage of some speedy play from their wings to top the Brujos 38 to 22. Eric Smolensky, Montoya, and Villa all found the try zone for the Brujos, while Jeff Smolensky split the uprights three times, for two conversions and one penalty score.

Next up for the Brujos: The High Desert Tournament, October 21, 2017

Hosted by the Aardvarks held at USS Bullhead Park.

Box score for Brujos v. Scorpions:

Brujos Tries: Eric Smolensky (27’), Angel Villa (36’), Francisco Montoya (43’) Conversions: Jeff Smolensky (36’, 43’) Penalties: Jeff Smolensky (18’)

Scorpions Tries: 7’, 13’, 20’, 65’, 71’, 80’+2 Conversions: 7’, 13’, 20’, 71’, 80’+2 Penalties: none

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