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Brujos get 5th in Santa Fe tens

The Brujos traveled north to Santa Fe for the Annual Santa Fe Fiesta Tens Rugby Tournament Sunday of Labor Day weekend 2016.

The Brujos traveled with a few green players and several experienced players for the 2016-2017 season opener. The annual tournament is a variation of rugby union fifteens, with ten players per side and ten minute halves. The day started off with the Brujos playing in one of the first matches of the day against the El Paso Scorpions. The teams both had to shake off the dust from the summer, but the Scorpions came out on top. Two teams backed out of the tournament and changed the entire days schedule for all the teams involved. Because of the changes, the UNM Lobos were left without an opening match opponent. The Brujos stepped in so that they could warm up for the day, and because the Brujos second match was cancelled because of the other missing team. The rest of the day got worse before it got better, just like the wind. The Brujos suffered a second loss against the NMHU Vatos, who went on to the final match. The last game of the day was against a motley side that was formed to fill in for the missing team. The Brujos came out with a win, but too late in the day to advance. The Brujos took 5th in the tournament.

Loss 24-12 vs Scorpions

Loss 33-0 vs Vatos

Win 51-0 vs Motley

The tournament was won by the Colorado Springs "Ginger Lives Matter" team against the nationally ranked NMHU Vatos. 29-21.

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