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Warm Threads from the Brujos Online Store!

If this sudden cold snap has you trying to suddenly remember where you stashed all your warm weather gear don't worry the New Mexico Brujos online store has got you covered! Brujos hoodies have always been a popular item, so much so that there are only a few left in XL, XXL, and XXXL. Once these are gone there will probably be a new style and design, so this is your last chance to the classic blue magic NM Brujos hoodie while they last! Speaking of warm gear, don't forget to check your head! The blue Brujos Rugby crest beanie is always a stylish look and at only $10, a bragin as well.

Cover Your Face!

Thanks to the forest fires all over the west there were 3 days this last weekend that the air in ABQ was actually unsafe to breathe! Gross! Between that and Covid 19, it's never been more important to cover your face and do it in style. The NM Brujos literally have you covered with the limited edition New Mexico Brujos face masks! The masks come in two different styles, blue with both the jacked Brujos wizard (AKA curlin' Merlin) and the NM Brujos crest, or the subtler all black mask with the NM Brujos crest tucked neatly in the corner (AKA, "the executive"). Visit today and get yours now while they last!

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