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AGM 2020 results, and a cheers to the outgoing team President.

The New Mexico Brujos Rugby Club held their annual general meeting (as required by their non-profit status) last Saturday the August 22nd. The primary focus of this year's meeting was to elect new club officers and board members and team positions. Long suffering former Celtic 7s tournament director Brad Greene was elected president for the upcoming two year term. Brad has held just about every other board position, and will be a steadying bastion of leadership in these uncertain times. Eliot Salgado was re-elected vice president as were treasurer Bobby Garcia and secretary Travis Smith. On the team side of things, Leon Wilson was named team captain and Sean Callahan was named vice team captain.

The full list of elections and appointments:

President - Brad Greene Vice President - Eliot Salgado Treasurer - Bobby Garcia Secretary - Travis Smith Director of Rugby/Match Secretary - Adrian Montoya Members at Large - Dustin Soflin & Tommy D Social Chair - Sean Callahan Fines Master - Milagro Padilla Equipment Czar - Tom Cloonen Sponsorship/Chair - Eliot Salgado Tournament Director - Rob King Recruitment Chair -Tommy D Youth Rugby Chair - E.T. Wilbur Community Outreach - Sean Callahan Captain - Leon Wilson Vice Captain - Sean Callahan

Congratulations and good luck to all the new officers, board members and captains!

So long Adrian!

The Brujos Blog would be remiss if it didn't wish a fond farewell and job well done to outgoing NM Brujos President Adrian Perez. During his time as president Adrian took the team in a positive and inclusive direction. His leadership with the drag show fundraiser was of incalculable value to the team and community, and during his tenure we saw the debut of a brand new tournament in 2019, the Southwest Pride In Rugby Fiesta, which is slated to become the Pride in the Southwest Rugby Tournament in 2021. He will be greatly missed by his Brujos family, and we look forward to his continued involvement, albeit from afar, in our future development as a team and club. Thanks Adrian!

Brujos masks are here!

The brand spanking new NM Brujos masks have arrived! These stylish face coverings are only $15, and won't last long, so order yours now! Support your favorite local rugby team and help keep you and your loved ones safe. The masks come in two different styles, blue with both the jacked Brujos wizard (AKA curlin' Merlin) and the NM Brujos crest, or the subtler all black mask with the NM Brujos crest tucked neatly in the corner (AKA, "the executive"). Visit today and get yours now while they last!

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