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NM Brujos to hit the road in October. Two straight away games next up on Fall 2021 schedule.

Coming off an impressive win against the ABQ Aardvarks in their only home game in September, the New Mexico Brujos are taking their talents on the road for most of the next month. Although they only played one game in September of 2021 it still felt like somewhat of a homecoming for the Brujos as they also hosted their very successful 40th anniversary celebration. Now they will get to test their road mettle for the next for weeks as they travel to Arizona and Texas to take on regional foes. First up the NM Brujos will travel to Flagstaff to participate in the Northern Arizona 40th Annual 10's Rugby Tournament on October 9th. After that they will travel to the Lone Star State to take on El Paso on October 23rd. However, the Brujos will return home for the High Desert 15s tournament at the end of the month. As always stay tuned to the Brujos blog and social media pages for up to the minute information on location and times for upcoming matches.

Up Next for the NM Brujos:

Northern Arizona 40th Annual 10's Rugby Tournament: October 9, 2021, Thorpe Park, Flagstaff AZ


Fall practice continues!

Coming off an impressive win in the 40th Anniversary game against the Aardvarks, and with more fall games on the near horizon, it's more important than ever to get out to practice every Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30 to 7 at Phil Chacon field south. For those unfamiliar with Phil Chacon south field the best way to get their is to turn east on Kathryn off of Louisiana and then park in the south parking lot. The field is south of the parking lot. All practices will follow strict covid safe and social distancing guidelines, and individuals can opt out of any drill or exercise as they see fit. Please bring cleats, water and a mask, and please fill out the health check form on the website before every practice!


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