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NM Brujos Spring Merchandise Sale! Brujos Practice Continues, AYRU Spring Friendlies Every Saturday

It's Spring cleaning timeat the New Mexico Brujos Online Store! The 2021 season is finally approaching, so it's time to clean out our existing New Mexico Brujos merch to make way for some (hopefully) new designs this summer and fall. Get $5 off the brand spanking new "Que viva" NM Brujos pullover hoodie. Newer merchandise like the blue magic workout shirts and those slick new hats are 10% off and classic merch like the Blue Magic hoodie are up to 25% off!!! And if that's not enough to put a spring in your step, every purchase from NM Brujos come with a FREE NM Brujos Pride T-Shirt!

That's right, these one of kind #PrideInRugby shirts with the Brujos crest are free with every purchase. The Brujos are sincerely hoping that the PrideInRugby fest will return later this year and these shirts are always hot sellers, but now you can get one for FREE, just by doing a little spring shopping at the NM Brujos online store!


Just when the New Mexico Brujos thought they had found a permanent home for the spring and summer they had the pitched ripped out from under them with the news that USS Bullhead Park is going to be "offline" until the end of summer. Not being ones to let a hard hit keep them down, the team will be returning (for the time being) to the friend confines of Phil Chacon field south. For those unfamiliar with Phil Chacon south field the best way to get their is to turn east on Kathryn off of Louisiana and then park in the south parking lot. The field is south of the parking lot. All practices will follow strict covid safe and social distancing guidelines, and individuals can opt out of any drill or exercise as they see fit. Please bring cleats, water and a mask, and please fill out the health check form on the website before every practice!

This is important as the safer and more transparent we are as a team, the closer we get to things going back to normal or something resembling normal. We are all in this together, so let's return to rugby safe and smart.


AYRU Friendlies Every Saturday Through June!

Speaking of Phil Chacon Field, Albuquerque Youth Rugby will be playing their spring friendly matches there every Saturday through early June. Under 15 plays from 10 to 12, and high school from 12 to 2. They are always looking for volunteers, so if you'd like to help promote the cause of youth rugby in New Mexico, contact the Albuquerque Youth Rugby facebook page.


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