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Happy New Year from the NM Brujos! 2023 Spring Schedule announced! 2023 Celtic 7s Date! Practice!

The New Mexico Brujos would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Here's to a healthy and prosperous 2023 to all our players, coaches, family, friends, fans and sponsors! The NM Brujos rugby team is very much looking forward to a jam packed 2023 filled with fundraisers, tournaments and most of all, matches against our rugby friends and foes alike! In that vein, the 2023 Spring Rio Grande Rugby Union starts next month (more on that below), and the date for the 2023 Rio Celtic 7s rugby tournament has already been announced (also below). These are just a few of the many things the Brujos club has planned for 2023, so stay tuned to for all Brujos related news and events throughout the year and we hope to see you all on the sidelines this season rooting on your favorite local team! Que Viva!


Brujos 2023 Spring Schedule Announced!

The 2023 Spring Rio Grande Rugby Union season is a little over a month away and that means the NM Brujos Spring schedule has been announced! Building off the momentum of their Fall 2022 season that saw the Brujos traveling to a bunch of tournaments, the NM Brujos will need that away game energy for a spring schedule that sees them playing 3 road games. Luckily the Brujos start off the season with two home games, against the ABQ Varks and the Santa Fe Santos respectively, before hitting the road for 3 straight. Their big road campaign starts off at El Paso on March 11th. Remember that the Brujos actually began the 2022/23 RGRU season last fall with a home win against El Paso, putting them 1 and 0 on this season already. They then finish the season with matches at the Varks and finally traveling to Scottsdale on April 15th to finish the season. As always the schedule is subject to change so stay tuned to the Brujos Rugby website Spring schedule page for up to the minute news and info!


Rio Grande Celtic 7s rugby Tournament 2023 date announced!

The calendar may say January, but the New Mexico Brujos already have Spring and summer rugby on the brain! 2023 is a mere 4 days old but that hasn't stopped the NM Brujos and their partners the Rio Grande Celtic Festival from announcing the date of the 2032 Rio Grande Celtic 7s Rugby Tournament on Saturday, may 6th, 2023 at scenic Balloon Fiesta Park! Just a reminder that all registration include free entry to the 2023 Rio Grande Celtic Festival, featuring Highland games, food (cross your fingers for the return of meatpies dammit!) , and a beer garden or two. This is always the premier 7s tournament in the Southwest so save the date, and stay tuned to the Celtic 7s event page for up to the minute info including registration information.


Winter Practice Continues!

Even though the spring rugby season doesn't start for a little over a month the NM Brujos are still having Winter rugby practice under the lights! Until further notice rugby practice will be Thursday only and is moved to UNM's Johnson Field located at 2401 Redondo Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106 East of Johnson Gym.

NM Brujos practice is every Thursday at 6 PM

New Players are always welcome! Cleats, mouthguard, and water very much recommended.


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