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NM Brujos Still Need Volunteers for Roadrunner Food Bank Event This Saturday!

This Saturday, November 14th from 11 to 2 (which is normally when we'd be on the pitch), the New Mexico Brujos are registered for a 3 hour shift volunteering at Roadrunner Food Bank, but we still need volunteers! We're hoping to get 20 volunteers from the team, and it's likely that some of the Atomic Sisters will be helping as well. So far we only have 12 registered to help, which means we need 8 more, so if you can, please volunteer. It's fine to bring a spouse/partner/friend/etc, the more the merrier. If you're interested in joining, please follow this link: register, and put your name on the sign up sheet here: Doing things like this is an excellent way for us to stay connected during this time, help the community, and goes a long way in representing our club. Que Viva!

Movemeber keeps growing!

In addition to volunteering at the food bank, it's Movember time again! Movember is a cause that raises awesomeness of men's health and aims to reduce some of the biggest health crises that affect men, specifically mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Last year the New Mexico Brujos raised over $600, let's see if we can top that this year!

Remember If you can't grow a mustache there are other ways to get involved. You can pledge to move every day during the month. You can just fundraise and pass on info. Whatever you can do, please do. Let's see those stashes BruMos!

Speaking of fundraisers, our friends the UNM Women's Rugby team are raising money to support their team during these uncertain times. Collegiate sports around the country are facing an uncertain future, help support UNM Women's Rugby by visiting their fundraising page and buying some of their cool gear. There are only 2 days left in this fundraiser, so please check it out before it's over!

Lastly the New Mexico Brujos would like to wish service members everywhere, and especially current and former Brujos that have served, a Happy Veterans Day. The Brujos and the armed services have long had a special relationship, with many Brujos past and present having served. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your service!


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