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NM Brujos Clothing Drive Efforts a Rousing Success, Look Toward Possible Holiday Themed Drives.

Over the last two weeks the New Mexico Brujos took part in a clothing drive gathering much needed socks, underwear and other items for the Westside emergency shelter and the results were a happy success. in only around 11 days the NM Brujos and their friends and families collected 222 pairs of socks, nearly 200 pair of underwear, and other necessary stuff including t-shirts, toothbrushes, and other used clothing items. All in all the Brujos and the Atomic sisters donated 9 bins of donated materials to the Westside shelter. The Brujos would like to thank everyone who donated, those who made,distributed and hosted the donation barrels, and especially Joy and all the Atomic sisters, and the Brujos team captain Leon and Vice captain Sean for organizing the whole thing. And hey, speaking of those awesome barrels, it would be a shame to let them go to waste, so why not a possible food drive before Thanksgiving? Or a toy and gift drive before the holiday season? If any of our fellow rugby teams or other local sports organization would like to take part in something like this in the next couple of months, please drop us a line This came together very well in a short period of time and things like this are a much needed team exercise during these times, and make a huge difference for those in need. Well done everyone! Que Viva!


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