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NM Brujos and Atomic Sisters Park Clean Up Event a Success, AYRU Skills Challenge Set to Begin.

As followers of this space are by now no doubt aware, earlier this year the New Mexico Brujos reached an agreement with the city of Albuquerque to adopt Bullhead Park. Part of being a good steward of this well used piece of the city is keeping it clean, no easy task considering the amount of use this park sees.

This past Sunday, before the Superbowl, the New Mexico Brujos and their good friends the Atomic Sisters Rugby Team came out for a clean up event. The event turned put to be a huge success, more than 10 huge bags of trash were collected from the fields, parking lots, and adjacent open spaces. To anyone who frequents this area, the effects were immediately evident. While this past Sunday's efforts made a tremendous impact on the park, there's still lots to be done. So look to this space and our various social media platforms for upcoming events in the coming weeks and months. Once again, thanks to the Atomic Sisters for their help!

AYRU Shutdown Skills Challenge

Our friends at Albuquerque Youth Rugby have come up with a fun way to sharpen rugby skills and raise some funds for youth programming until everyone can return to the pitch!

Every Saturday from February 13 to March 6, AYRU will post a video showcasing a skill for the week (different for each age group). Participants will submit a video performing the skill by the following Thursday to or by sharing on social media (Facebook or Instagram) and tagging AYRU. All skills are individual and only require a ball.

Small prizes will be awarded weekly at random to someone in each age group, and a large prize drawing will take place on March 13. Full rules are in the registration form below.

Everyone over age 5 welcome to participate, and it's free for anyone under 18. For anyone over 18, we ask that you consider a $10 donation to AYRU. Without the 2020 and 2021 season, AYRU has not had a consistent revenue source to work with.

Please share with your teams and commit to showing off your skills for the next few weeks!


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