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New Mexico Brujos Fall season in review. Looking ahead to the Winter off-season and Spring 2022.

Win some, lose some, but overall simply rejoice that rugby is back. This was the overall theme of the New Mexico Brujos 2021 Fall season. There were some major highlights, a few letdowns, but overall the NM Brujos were mostly thrilled to be back on the pitch after a year without rugby. Some highlights included: The Brujos participated in 3 tournaments this Fall, the Santa Fe 10s, The Northern Arizona 10s in Flagstaff and the High Desert Classic. This kinda of travel and team building will only serve to help the Brujos come Spring of 2022 when they will travel more than ever for their Rio Grande Union matches (more on that later).

The biggest highlight of the Fall season was the extremely New Mexico Brujos 40th Anniversary celebration which took place on September 17th and 18th. The celebration included a fun golf tournament that raised a good deal of money for the team, and Wizardfest that featured NM Brujos founder David Olivias as the first ever induction into the NM Brujos Hall of Fame. The weekend was capped off with an "Old Boys" game and a close victory over crosstown rivals the ABQ Aardvarks in a hard fought club match.

Now the Brujos look ahead to an action packed off-season and the 2022 Spring season featuring the return of Rio Grande Rugby Union games. The off-season will include the return of two of the most beloved winter NM Brujos traditions. The 5th annual Rugby is a Drag on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 and the annual Superbowl Fat Boy Run on Sunday, February 12th. 2022. The Spring 2022 season will feature matches against the Brujos usual foes, the Varks, Santa Fe and El Paso, as well as two new opponents from the Grand Canyon State, Camelback against whom the Brujos will travel to start the season in January, and Scottsdale.

Thanks to all the players, coaches, family, fiends and fans that helped make this Fall's return to rugby one to remember. we look forward to seeing at all the off-season events and next Spring's union matches. Blue Magic is back and it's a wonderful thing! Que Viva!


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