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Movember Raises over $500, Still Time to Donate! Happy Thanksgiving from the New Mexico Brujos

So far this month the New Mexico Brujos have raised $525 towards this year's Movember fundraiser. Last year the Brujos rased $600, so we've only got 5 more days to top last year, let's do this Brujos! Movember is a cause that raises awesomeness of men's health and aims to reduce some of the biggest health crises that affect men, specifically mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Remember If you can't grow a mustache there are other ways to get involved. You can pledge to move every day during the month. You can just fund-raise and pass on info. Whatever you can do, please do. Let's see those stashes BruMos!

Happy Thanksgiving from the New Mexico Brujos!

2020 hasn't given us a whole to be thankful for rugby-wise. Let's be honest, it's been worse than the dreaded "scrum thumb". But that doesn't mean we haven't turned lemons into lemonade and done some great things for the community as a team. Be thankful for one another, your families and friends and have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. Que viva!


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