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NM Brujos Masks are coming! Sandia 7s balls on sale now!

Even though rugby is still at a standstill in New Mexico, you can still support your favorite local rugby team, protect your family and loved ones, and be responsible while doing it! New Mexico Brujos face masks are now for sale! These stylish face coverings come in two different styles, blue with both the jacked Brujos wizard (AKA curlin' Merlin) and the NM Brujos crest, or the subtler all black mask with the NM Brujos crest tucked neatly in the corner (AKA, "the executive"). You can get either one of these one of a kind face coverings for only $15, BUT! If you pre-order yours today, you can get one for only $12!

Sandia 7s Tournament balls now for sale!

Like nearly all rugby events scheduled for the spring and summer of 2020, the Sandia 7s Rugby Tournament, originally scheduled for this summer, has been postponed for the year due to the Covid-19 epidemic still facing our country. But in an attempt to turn lemons into lemonade, the rugby balls for this event are now available for sale to rugby fans everywhere. For only $20 (plus $10 shipping, or if you don't want to pay shipping and live in town we can arrange for you to pick it up) these awesome looking balls for this year's tournament can now be yours. Every year there's a limited amount of tournament balls for sale and every year they sell out, as will these. Destined to become collector's items, you'll never find a cooler looking rugby ball. These one of a kind balls will go fast and will never be remade, so get yours today!

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