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Happy Earth Day from the New Mexico Brujos, US Rugby 2020 HOF Announced, and April Brujos News.

With the 2020 Rugby season still at a stand still, the New Mexico Brujos would like to take a brief moment to wish their fans and supporters a happy Earth Day. Earth Day I hear you say, is that really still a thing? Indeed it is, and in its 50th year it's more important than ever. Begun in 1970 out of the environmental protests and raised environmental awareness of the 60s, Earth Day has since spread to being observed in over 200 countries around the world dedicated to environmental action and clean up. What does this have to do with rugby I hear you say? New Mexico ruggers are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful state, with access to some gorgeous rugby facilities. But they won't stay gorgeous on their own. It's up to community members, like local rugby teams, to pitch in and keep their little corner of NM beautiful. If you're interested in ways to take action in your community, check out the official Earth Day site. When things finally return to normal, let's all pledge to do a better job giving back to the outdoors from which we take so much. Que viva!

U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Announced

Some good news out of USA Rugby as the 2020 U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame Class was announced last Friday. Four men, Rick Bailey, Bill Campbell, Chris Lippert and Gerry Seymour, and two women Tam Breckenridge and Jamie Burke make up the 2020 class of rugby stand outs that helped advance the game in the United States. For more information this year's class and their contributions to U.S. rugby, check out the USA Rugby website.

Pride in the Southwest Rugby Prom 15s Tournament Early Bird Registration Now Open!

Looking toward the future, the New Mexico Brujos are pleased to announce that early bird registration for the New Mexico Brujos newest tournament, the Pride in the Southwest Rugby Prom 15s, scheduled for October 3rd, 2020 is now open and that teams can RSVP and save $50 by registering today!

Early Bird Registration (Ends 7/31/2020): $300 per team

Regular Price: $350 per team

Late registration (9/01/2020 - 9/24/2020): $400 per team

Last minute registration (9/25/2020 and after): $450 per team

More info here:

In the shadow of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, the NM Brujos invite teams around the Southwest to join them for day of rugby, camaraderie, and #PrideInRugby #PrideInTheSouthwest. The dress code is rugby formal (dress or suit and rugby boots!), and we will give out awards for best dressed teams. This event is open for men's and women's teams. Although this event is primarily for IGR teams, we have this event open to allies and IGR teams alike. We are working with a local hospitality team to find us the best deal on hotels, stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the rugby pitch here in ABQ this October!

Updated Sandia 7's Tournament information:

Speaking of tournaments, the date and location of the upcoming Sandia 7's tournament, originally scheduled for May 30th, 2020, is still undecided. We are currently exploring our options to possibly hold this tournament at a later date in 2020, depending on availability of tournament locations and participating teams, and obviously entirely dependent on the hopeful containment of the current coronavirus health emergency. So for now we will not being opening registration just yet, and instead keeping our fingers crossed for a positive resolution to the current crisis and doing our part to flatten the curve and beat this thing! Stay positive, stay in shape (safely) and stay hopeful that we'll all see each other on the pitch for this exciting tournament sometime in 2020.

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