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New Brujos Gear is Here!

New New Mexico Brujos gear is here just in time for you, our loyal readers and fans, to help support local rugby during this current period of social distancing and rugby related activity cessation.

First up is the new "Blue Magic" work out shirt (pictured above). These stylish workout shirts are $30 each and great for showing off your Brujos pride (from a safe distance of course) while you stay in shape during downtime.

Even though these are brand new, they are selling like hot cakes, so get yours today while they last:

Our next, brand new featured item of the week are these PBR Blue Rugby logo shirts in dark grey. Similar to the classic black PBR shirts, these new dark grey ones come on a softer and better fitting shirt than their predecessor. At only $20 these awesome looking tees are a steal and an ideal way to support local rugby and look great while doing it.

Just like the work out shirts, these are relatively new, but very popular, so get yours while they last:

Keep your eye on this blog for more new Brujos gear, including the new hats coming very soon, and exclusive Brujos merchandise deals for blog readers only!

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