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Brujos and Varks match postponed, USA Rugby temporarily suspends competition amid Coronavirus (Covid

Last Saturday's match between the New Mexico Brujos and Albuquerque Aardvarks was postponed after USA Rugby announced the decision to suspend sanctioned rugby competition and activities for a 30-day period. With the threat of Coronavirus (COVID-19) escalating day by day, the need for suspended activities was a complicated but necessary resolution. The 2020 USA Rugby Spring College Championships and College 7s National Championship have also been canceled due to precautionary measures within the union and a growing number of colleges and universities.

For the safety of their players, families and fans, the NM Brujos decided to align with USA Rugby and many other fellow unions and organizations to suspend our season until further notice from our local government recommendations and that of USA Rugby. This means we will not hold practice or participate in matches.

The NM Brujos RFC foremost want to thank our fans, family and friends. We want to do what is the best for the community and be most prudent in this health emergency. We must take a responsible approach to what is happening around the world and in our local community. We know that many of you may feel that this approach is a possible over reaction, but we assure you that we are only thinking of the greater possible impact on each of you and your families. We truly only want the best for all of you and hope that you are all able to remain healthy and safe during the duration of the impact the Corona Virus/COVID-19 lasts for our community.

Please take care of yourselves and your family by following the CDC guidelines and especially if you’re in a High Risk Status

High Risk Status

According to the CDC, the following people are considered high risk for contracting the coronavirus:

  • Over 60 years of age

  • Have underlying health conditions including heart disease, lung disease, or diabetes

  • Have weakened immune systems

  • Who are pregnant

We hope to be back up and running once we are in a safe and contained environment.

Sandia 7's Tournament information:

The Brujos had hoped to announce the opening of registration to the upcoming Sandia 7's tournament scheduled for May 30th, 2020. While we still plan on holding this tournament on it's scheduled date, that depends entirely on the hopeful containment of the current coronavirus health emergency. So for now we will not being opening registration just yet, and instead keeping our fingers crossed for a positive resolution to the current crisis and doing our part to flatten the curve and beat this thing! Stay positive, stay in shape (safely) and stay hopeful that we'll all see each other again in May!

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