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Volunteers needed for fundraiser, Limited #PrideInRugby shirts still for sale, and other Brujos news

The Brujos have an opportunity to volunteer (and be paid for it) to serve as bike route spotters for this year's Day of the Tread cycling event. There would be at least 2 people in 5 different locations along the various bike routes (so 10 people total). They would be stationed in these areas for about 4 hours. The people at these areas would hold directional signs and let the cyclist know the direction of the turns. If the Brujos (or ex-Brujos, old boys, Brujos fans, etc) could provide at least 10 volunteers to cover this duty, the club would be eligible for a POD payment. This an excellent opportunity to increase club exposure and to provide some much needed revenue for the team. If you'd like volunteer please email:

#PrideInRugby limited edition T-Shirts still available

If you missed last weekends first annual #PrideInRugby Fiesta, don't fret. You can still show your support for your New Mexico Brujos by purchasing a limited edition T-shirt from the event (the white shirts pictured above) for only $20. You can purchase this and other Brujos gear at the Brujos online store.

Next up for the Brujos

The High Desert Rugby Classic on Saturday, October 26th, at USS Bullhead Park. More details here.

Fall Practice Continues

Just a reminder that practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays at UNM's Johnson Field. Practice starts at 6 PM, that means cleats on and ready to go at 6 PM! Everyone is welcome, all levels of rugby experience! No matter if this will be your first look at rugby or your 50th season, we want you going out to practice with the NM Brujos RFC. Bring a friend along! All you need is some athletic wear and soccer style cleats. And water of course, don't forget water!

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