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NM Rugby super team once again dominates in Arizona and Fall 2018 Brujos news.

For the second time this year, a temporary NM rugby team bromance has brought home the hardware from Arizona. Fans of NM Rugby and this blog may recall the Brujos and Aardvarks traveling to Flagstaff and dominating the men's social division earlier this fall. This time a team comprised of Brujos, Aardvarks, Santa Fe Santos and Las Cruces Horny Toads traveled to the Arizona Rugby Fest in Scottsdale, Az, went undefeated and took home Best on Pitch in the Men's Division 2. Playing as the NM all-stars, they dispatched the Phoenix Rugby Club, the Missoula Maggots, and the Red Mountain Warthogs, each by multiple tries. While not the equivalent of perhaps the Great WWI Christmas truce of 1914, the great Fall 2018 Rugby detente will be remembered as much for its results as its camaraderie. Whether or not this trend of sending New Mexico super teams to out of state rugby tournaments to dominate the opposition will continue is anybody's guess, but it was certainly very cool to watch this Autumn.

Up Next:

It's back to their respective fox holes for NM's Rugby teams as the 2019 NM/AZ Rugby Union Spring season approaches. The Brujos sit in first place with a 2 and 1 Fall season record, and look to carry momentum into the spring.

As always check back to this site for the 2019 Spring schedule and upcoming Brujos holiday news.

Winter Touch:

Winter Touch Practice! Thursdays @ 6 PM at UNM's Johnson field. This is an ALL inclusive event: All ages, all experience levels, men and women are welcome. If you've never played, but always wanted to, come out and see what rugby is all about. If you're already an old pro come out and stay in shape and hone your skills for the up and coming spring season. Bring cleats and water. If you have extra cleats please bring them as well.

Winter Beer Olympics:

This Saturday, Deecmber 8th join your fellow Brujos at Skye's house for the start of the holiday season with the Winter Beer Olympics. Come celebrate the end of a great Fall 2018 season and look forward to the upcoming Spring 2019 season.

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