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Brujos go undefeated on Rugby pitch at High Desert, but don't taste championship.

The New Mexico Brujos were unbeatable when it came to rugby at Saturday's High Desert Classic at Bullhead Park, yet the tournament championship just slipped, or rather sipped, from their grasp. The Brujos opened the tournament with an impressive 17 to 5 win over the ABQ Aardvarks, and followed it up with a 14 to 7 victory over the El Paso Scorpions. After a long wait during, which it looked like the Brujos would be handed the trophy strictly on points, the so-called championship was ultimately decided by a boat race between the Brujos and a temporarily resurrected Las Cruces Horny Toads team. For the uninitiated, a boat race is a beer relay, and a cornerstone of the club rugby judicial system. Alas, while their rugby has been on an upswing lately, their beer drinking skills, on this Saturday at least, were not. The Brujos lost a close boat race and the trophy to the Toads, but escaping the tournament injury free in lieu of their upcoming Fall Rio Grande Rugby Union final this Saturday, was the real victory. It's unclear at press time if coach Hampshire will address the beer drinking deficiency before the spring season.

Next Up:

The Brujos will look to finish their 2018 Fall Rio Grande rugby union season strong as they host the El Paso Scorpions this Saturday, October 27th at UNM Johnson Filed @ 3 PM.

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