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Beautiful weather and a decent sized turnout mark the 45th High Desert Rugby Classic.

On an absolutely perfect, if not a little warm, New Mexico fall day, the Brujos dropped two matches, and offered some much needed help to two teams in a split squad effort after another team was a no show. The Brujos dropped their morning match to the eventual winners of this years club title, the Denver Highlanders in a match that wasn't competitive from the Brujos standpoint, but did see some of the younger players get some much need playing time. The Brujos lost a much closer afternoon match to the Las Cruces Hornytoads 26 - 21. The Brujos opponents in the late afternoon match were a scratch, so the team split up and "whored on" (I've been told this is the acceptable nomenclature) to the OU/UTEP match to the delight of shorthanded coaches and exhusted players alike.

45th Annual High Desert Rugby Classic Sunday Final Results:

Club 1st place Denver Highlanders 24 / Albuquerque Aardvarks 17

College 1st place Long Beach State 33 / OU 3

Women's 1st place Denver Black Ice 24 / Denver Melted Ice 5

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