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Put on your dancing cleats, it's time to celebrate! Join the New Mexico Brujos for the 2024 Wizardfest (AKA Rugby Prom), and celebrate the past year in Brujos rugby and honor the stand out players and dubious events that made the 2024 season one to remember. This year's ceremony will feature NM Brujos hall of fame inductions, player awards and more!


Once again this year's event is being held at our great sponsor Sobremesa Restaurant and Brewery located at 3421 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120


And thanks to generous donations from NM Brujos Old Boys there's a $2000 open bar!


Festivities begin at 5 PM.


Note: You have to download the Brujos crest in order to "purchase" your ticket, this helps avoid what e-commrce sites consider shipping fees.

Wizardfest 2024 Ticket (couple)

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